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The game Greenpoly – responsible houshold was published in Hungarian language by Consultants for Sustainable Development. The goal of the game is to educate children and adults how to utilize your environmental and social resources responsibly in a playful form. The game reflects the social and environmental effects of our everyday life. The financial management is part of our life therefore it plays an important role during the game as well.

Our whole economy is based on the financial system, and the financial and banking activities of the people is also part of it. Our financial decisions have social and environmental impacts.

The board game can be used in environmental education, the kids can seamlessly acquire the relevant knowledge during the game. The game is recommended from the age of 7 and up.

Fő utca 17., H-9938 Szatta, 
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Thököly út 114/a. I.em. 4., H-1145 Budpest;
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