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Public participation

Decision making at local authorities, local public administration bodies has often a significant impact on local communities, and civic groups. How can we influence those decisions, that have significant impact on the public, and on the life of local people? How can we participate in those decisions?

Our training provides a systematic approach on public participation together with tools to civic organizations active on local or county level to improve their public participation activities.


Fundraising – „not everything is a question of money "

Resources are essential for the functioning of all organization. These resources are not only financials, but human resources and in-kind contributions are also important.

Our fundraising trainings highlight the right use of internal and external resources, the importance of proper distribution of resources within the organization and share key elements of using external resources with a special focus on the communication aspects.


Change management

The development and growth in a life of an organization always bring changes with itself. Adaptation to new situations requires additional energy and respect from all members of the organization, that triggers naturally some resistance from impacted persons.

Change management provides support how to handle conflicts connected to changes consciously, using changes to further strengthen the organizational culture.

CSD is offering a tailor-made process of trainings and group discussions that brings the organization through the period of changes, using group decision making exercises, team building events and other trainings.


Team building

The aim of the training is to provide team work and cooperation skills to the participants. The training includes also exercises on group dynamics, reviewing different roles in a team, and the process to form a good team. Basic knowledge on self-recognition and on funtioning of teams are also shared during the training, that are necessary to build up and run working groups or any community organization.


Personal and organizational communication

The aim of the training is strengthening the communication skills of the participants in cooperation based communication in teams at workplace or in other communities.  During the training, participants gain a deeper knowledge in communication, and also get practical experiences through team exercises.

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