9938 Szatta,
Fő u. 17.
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1145 Budapest,
Thököly út 114/a. I.em.4.
tel: (70) 326 5830
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Örömtréning” (Positive mindset training) was developed by a psychiatrist, dr. Gabor Vidovszky. It is based on that concept, that things are not good or bad, but good and bad at the same time, and it depends on the attitude of the person, how he/she perceives the surrounding world.

The Positive mindset training provide techniques how to focus on the positive side of a matter and helps to improve mental health. It strengthens self-understanding and positively changing relationships to others and to oneself.

Fő utca 17., H-9938 Szatta, 
Mailing address:
Thököly út 114/a. I.em. 4., H-1145 Budpest;
tel: +36  (70) 326 5830;  
VAT Number: 18174762-1-18;